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Prof. Karl Grandin
History of Physics Group, European Physical Society since 2017


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Prof. Karl Grandin
Cosmic Rays Nobel Prize
100 Years of Cosmic Particles
Symposium in Honour of Victor F. Hess
European Centre for the History of Physics Echophysics
Poellau Castle, Austria, 1 – 5 May 2012


  1. Vetenskapshistoria

    Karl Grandin is the Director of and Professor at the Center for History of Science at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. His research has mainly dealt with the history of modern physics. He has a lot of experience from international collaborations, especially dealing with scientific heritage and from digitizing projects. He is member of the Royal Swedish Academy’s Energy Committee since 2004 that works interdisciplinary with energy questions. He is on the board of Stockholm University Library and the Swedish Linnaeus Society and a member of the Swedish National Committee for History of Science and Technology. He is the editor of the Nobel Foundation yearbook since 2006

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Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
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