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Prof. Helge Kragh


  1. (2019) Roy G. Neville Prize for Julius Thomsen: A Life in Chemistry and Beyond

  2. (2019) American Physical Society, Abraham Pais Prize for History of Physics

  3. (2016) European Physical Society, Physics Estoire Prize

  4. (2016) Science History Institute

  5. (2008–2010) President, European Society for the History of Science

  6. (28.12.2005) Full member of the Academie Internationale d'Histoire des Sciences

  7. (02.02.1995) Corresponding member of the Academie Internationale d'Histoire des Sciences

  8. Member, Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters


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  1. Helge Kragh

  2. Helge Stjernholm Kragh, Professor Emeritus, Niels Bohr Institute of the University of Copenhagen

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  4. Professor Emeritus Helge Kragh receives the prestigeous Abraham Pais Prize for History of Physics 2019

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